Rejekts and friends present a new magazine concept!  Never being ones to rest on our collective laurels, and with plenty of time to fill during lockdown, some of the senior members of the Rejekt family have started to write music and culture reviews for several online publications, but due to the severe financial impact the Corona Virus Pandemic, many of these publications are operating at a reduced capacity whereas, Rejekts have always had a multi facetted approach to providing content for our followers, and so taking the next step into producing and editing an online magazine has been an extremely smooth transition, and something that has quite frankly left us pondering why we did not think of doing it earlier!

Thunderground has one simple aim..  To reach the parts of the scene that other magazines often chose to over look, offering the reader a balanced perspective on what's hot and what's not in Dance Music, straight from the horse's mouth as opposed to hot from the bull's arse.  We will not pander to trends and as we already scratch a modest living through our record label and club tours (when we can get back to doing club tours that is), we will not be reliant or beholden to any advertisers, allowing the reader full reassurance that what you see and hear is coming direct from the people who are creating and curating their art and from not a PR Agency or Record Label looking to hype something for personal gain.

We also want to hear from you!  We are looking for motivated contributors to give us their views on what is turning them on, or seriously turning them off from the realms of Music, Technology, Film and Fashion.  We are also looking for fresh content from Record Labels, Podcasters, Event Promoters, Clothing Labels and all other manner of creative souls, if you have something you feel is representative of your particular counter culture, that helps others to understand how you gel with the rest of the global underground Dance Music scene that we all currently cherish and enjoy, then we want to hear from you too!

Please email for more info and visit our Facebook Page to view previous content


Iain Taylor (Editor, Thunderground Magazine)