Dropping (musical) bombs since 2007 rEJEKT mUSIC was started as a platform for Iain Taylor and Mark Ashworth to release under their "rEJEKT" production moniker and create a soundtrack that represented a series of warehouse parties they had been throwing around the north of England. Some memorable dance floor moments ensued and regular support from some of the worlds top jocks followed.  The label quickly grew to become a place where their peers could also express themselves without fear of intervention! Join us . . . . We are the rEJEKTS x 



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The remixes of Alex Nemec & Nik Feral's best selling "U Can't Stop Me" EP are now up on all the main sites for pre order to be shipped on 27th August.  The release features mixes from Barem (Minus / Sci+Tec), Simon Baker (Get Physical / Cocoon) and label boss Iain Taylor alongside a previously unreleased rework by of the original B Side Track Ultra.  Only available on Vinyl until the Beatport / Bandcamp exclusives kick in on the 15th October.  Simply click on your favoured site below and you'll taken directly to the release page where you can order it to be shipped straight to you on the day of release.  Much love from Planet rEJEKT :)




Curses - The Besser Man EP

4 Brand New Original Tracks

Released - 10/10/2016

Curses stands for a dark romantic take on House and Techno, combining influences of sexy Italo with nostalgic snares and synths. Recent releases have seen light on labels like NEIN, OFF, Let’s Play House alongside his own Safer At Night imprint and now we welcome him to rEJEKT Music.

What you get are 4 tracks of lo slung, late night analogue House and Techno with fingers and toes in the Indie Dance, Tech House & Minimal pigeon holes. The thing that sets Curses apart is a distinctive "Dark Drum" sound which is prevalent across all of these original tracks and on this EP he also manages to incorporate elements of Drum N Bass, Hip Hop & Synth Pop to give something that is not only completely original but also mature and refined.

As always we prefer to let the music do the talking. . . . Please enjoy irresponsibly x

Available from all good digital outlets / record shops including 

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Jammhot - The Fourth Order EP

w/ Dudley Strangeways Remix

Jammhot hail from both London and Leeds and between them have a well refined ear for the deeper side of House with previous releases on Dirtcrew, Morris Audio, Roots For Bloom and Leftroom we are of course very happy to welcome them into the family fold and we're not the only ones with the EP gaining support from the likes of. . . 

Apollonia, Danny Tenaglia, Maceo Plex, Tim Green, Luigi Madonna, Daniel Steinberg, Rodriguez Jnr, Michel De Hey, Cristian Varela, Hannah Wants, Franco Bianco, David Glass +


This four tracker of organic House cuts retains a constant groove as we range from deep and musical into straight up and rollin, rounding off with a stripped back mix from Ovum and Holic Traxx's own Dudley Strangeways.  

Vinyl available from all good record shops or click HERE to have a copy delivered directly to your door by the distributor.  Or you can grab the digital if you prefer from wherever it is you prefer.

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Deo & Z-Man - Pommes EP

w/ Curses, Soame Remixes


Deo & Z-Man are blood brothers from Hamburg with Italian roots. They grew up influenced by different styles from hip hop and psyrock to italopop. Now they blend everything in a unique way to release on labels such as compost, Klasse, Hafendisko and opsm.

For this EP we've enlisted the remix skills of Switzerland's underground maestro SOAME and native New Yorker turned Berliner CURSES.  The Italo tinged, synth lead Indie Dance & Nu Disco sounds of the original tracks are complimented by a deep & layered but also subtle & musical Tech House work out from SOAME alongside a driving, drum heavy, analogue House track from CURSES which is complemented by a Dub Mix.

Available from the following record shops and download sites



rEJEKTS - The Mescal EP

4 Brand New & Original Tracks

What we have here is 4 fresh tracks from label head honchos Iain Taylor & Mark Ashworth AKA "rEJEKTS".   It's a soundscape of deeper hypnotic rhythms at varying tempos, from the peak time Techno banger HOLE to the quirky electronic House groove of SPOOKS, the bubbling, brooding UNDERTOW as you're then lead out with the ode to 1980's Electro Boogie that is "EKLIPS".  Support for this one included Jamie Jones, Danny Tenaglia, Stacey Pullen, Crazy P + more.

With this release are giving away our entire back catalog as a FREE DOWNLOAD  That's right! Everything we've ever produced can be yours for nada, nish, Morgan Freemans!!

This EP is not free however, but it is available from all good record shops / download sites including . . . . . .

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The Northern Rose Remixes Pt1

w/ Iain Taylor, Jem Haynes

OK so we all know that the number 13 can unlucky for some! Well it certainly has been for you lot!! This release is a stormer. One of our most exciting to date and with remixes from Iain "I'm A rEJEKT and I love it" Taylor, Jem Haynes and Jamie Trench . . Were you really suprised?


Once again it's time for us to show off and justify our reasons for continued existence.  Our confidence is bolstered from the fact that a bunch of dudes including....


Tensnake, Amine Edge, Butch, Monki (Radio One), Danny Tenaglia, Groove Armada, Michel De Hey, Sasha, Anderson Noise, Teifschwarz, Locodice, Marco Carola and a fair few more good eggs . . .


Of course can buy a copy for yourself by visiting the following


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The Northern Rose Remixes Pt2

w/ Deo & Z-Man, Gurwan

The final EP in a chapter of three, featuring some unarguably stellar tracks by people like Riki Inocente, Iain Taylor, Jem Haynes, Jamie Trench, Deo & Z-Man and Gurwan.  Safe to say it ended up tickling the fancy of a fair few of the worlds more top jocks!

Our faves who faved us include Tania Vulcano, Maceo Plex, Jamie Jones, Djuma Soundsystem, James What, Nick Warren, Mr C, Franco Bianco and Apty. 


You too can love this music as much as those guys do.  All you have to do is go to one of the below links and then you too can large it like Ricardo Villalobos in the Amnesia DJ booth after a 3 week bender.

Available from all good digital outlets / record shops including . .


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rEJEKTS - Strung Out In Reno

The Remix EP

The last in the prequel series of EPs to our “7 Years of rEJEKT” double mix compilation with Fresh remixes from "friends of the family" Mykel Haze (Hot Waves / Noir Music) and Marc Ashken (Leftroom / No Shoes) we've also thrown in the Brett Johnson Dub for ya.


Mykel kicks off the release with a subtle interpretaion. Making full use of the Philharmonic string section and marrying it with extra percussion and a more rolling bassline.

Marc Ashken comes correct with his trademark stripped back and bleepy sound which has made him a hit with fans of the rEJEKT sound including Locodice, Teifschwarz and Danny Tenaglia.

And to top it all off we've chucked in a more club orientated bass heavy dub mix from Brett Johnson. Check it on Soundcloud HERE

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Riki Inocente - Northern Rose EP

3 Tracks + Jamie Trench Remix

Riki Inocente has been making some serious moves over the past few years. Originally from the "Northern Stronghold" of Sheffield and now hailing from London, Riki has already released on seminal labels like "I'm A House Gangster" and "Robsoul" as well as a string of high profile remixes for the likes of Todd Terry, DJ Sneak and Cajmere.


As you can imagine we are "pretty friggin stoked" to welcome Riki into the rEJEKT fold. His on point house sound throws up a soundscape of gritty urban soul underlined with those dark brooding elements which make his productions perfect for rEJEKT Music.


His recent productions have garnered support from the kingpins of the global house movement as well as the more rooted underground scene from whence he came. Why not have a listen on Soundcloud

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3 New rEJEKT Tracks

​This had been kicking around on promo for a few months building up a heavyweight following with the likes of Maceo Plex, Tensnake, Hector Cuto, Amine Edge & Dance, Teifschwarz, Anderson Noise, Groove Armada, Jnr Rodriguiz, Bicep, Daniel Steinberg, Dan Ghenacia, Harri & Domenic and even one Roger Sanchez.

What you have here is another trademark rEJEKTS 3 tracker of deep hypnotic grooves, throbbing bass. The lead track "Under Acid" takes you back to the hayday of the 303 acid bassline with a fresh take for the 2015. White Lines takes us into stipped back house / minimal teritories and then we kick you into the stratisphere with and no holds barred Techno banger in oKIL.

Please Enjoy Iresponsibly! 

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This represents a slightly different musical direction for rEJEKTS. We almost put this out under the moniker of "Species" to signify our evolution to a more musical and organic sound.  We had been working with the Hungarian Philamonic on a film project (suprisingly reasonable fee) and amanged to recycle some of the unused parts into this project.

This Ep gives you a more cinematic and epic feel buiding up into the kind of rolling dancefloor groove you've come to expect. This has mustered support for some real legends like Jam El Mar (Jam & Spoon), MR C, Marco Carola, Ritchie Hawtin and Nathan Coles alongside fresher names like Reboot, Paco Onsuna, Techinasia, Dark & Stormy, Butch, Amine Edge & Dance and even the legendary DJ EZ.

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3 New rEJEKT Tracks

​With such a special number we decided to keep it 100% rEJEKT! And so we bring for your aural delights. 3 tracks of lo slung electronic funk. Brainfreeze Is an organic percussion driven roller. The namesake track dOT dOT has been rocking dance floor's with cheeky rhythmic stabs and warm wobbly bass as we round it off with the deep and brooding Onbiotik.

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Nik Feral - Distortion EP
Feat Marc Ashken Remix

For 008 we welcome another new face into the rEJEKT fold. Nik  Feral has been a friend of the family for several years and we've watched his progress with interest and intent.  With this release you get an absolute techno bomb in Distortion more mind bending funk with Lollipop and then the outstanding Mark Ashken remix to round things off.

iTUNES        BEATPORT         JUNO         TRACK IT DOWN          WPP


Gamal Kabar - Unsure Future
Feat rEJEKTS Remix​

Gamal has previously released on Pokerflat, Dessous and Claude Von Stroke’s Mothership imprint. What you get here are 2 straight up house grooves both with that distinct Kabar sound. Warm, rhythmic and rolling from start to finish.  Unsure Future keeps it deep as it rolls through with vocal hooks and subtle chord stabs where as Bucca with it's cheeky hook is a definite peak time track .  The package comes with a deep techy rEJEKT remix.

iTUNES        BEATPORT         JUNO         TRACK IT DOWN          WPP


​​Odnah - Flat Cap EP
Feat Gummihz Remix

This time round we’ve enlisted the talents of local boy Ruthit who's launching a new deeper alias with rEJEKTS.  Originally from the north east, Ruthit found himself gravitating towards Manchester and the cities infamous club scene.  What you get here are 3 tripped out house grooves with a distinct electronic sound. Deep and hypnotic all the way through.  The package is topped of nicely we think with a deeper rolling Gummihz remix.

iTUNES        BEATPORT         JUNO         TRACK IT DOWN          WPP